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About the BEST Program

♦ What is the EMI course?​​​​​
EMI courses refer to the learning courses provided in non-English speaking institutions, and the content teaching, teacher-student interaction, learning and related auxiliary materials, learning results presentation and evaluation are all 100% in English.
♦ The Ministry of Education's "Bilingual Learning Plan for College Students"​​​​​​
According to the "2030 Bilingual National Policy Development Blueprint" of the Executive Yuan, the development of higher education will focus on "strengthening students' overall English proficiency and promoting English-language instruction (EMI) to enhance the overall international competitiveness of higher education." According to this vision, the Ministry of Education promotes " The bilingual learning plan for college students, through the two strategies of "key training" and "popular promotion", supplemented by "recruitment of bilingual manpower" and "resource sharing and inter-school cooperation" to implement the policy of bilingual education in higher education, towards The goal of a bilingual country is moving forward.
♦ Asia University School of Management was recognized by the Ministry of Education as the "Bilingual Learning Program for College Students-Key Cultivation School"
Asia University School of Management was accredited by the Association for Advanced Business Education (AACSB) in 2017. It has been recognized for its outstanding performance in teaching in English and internationalization strategies, including the recruitment of international students and the promotion of international dual degree programs. In 2021, with a forward-looking development strategy combined with the potential of international competitiveness, it will be subsidized by the Ministry of Education's "Bilingual Chemistry Program for College Students-Key Cultivation College", and has become a cradle for cultivating internationally competitive talents with all English teaching.