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EMI Courses

Class schedule
-Department of Business Administration
Business Administration and Sustainability Statistics(2) Exhibition Presentation Skills
Production & Operations Management Production & Operations Management A Production & Operations Management B
Organizational Behavior Artificial Intelligence and Management Enterprise Resource Planning

-Department of Accounting & Information Systems
Accounting (1) Accounting (2) Economics (2)
Statistics(1) Statistics(2) Financial management
Business Intelligence Enterprise Resource Planning  

-Department of Leisure and Recreation Management
Interpretation of cultural and natural resources Business Research Methods Leisure and Recreation Industry Development Trend

-Department of Finance
Statistics(1) A Statistics(2) A Trust Practices
Statistics(1) B Statistics(2) B International Finance
Financial Institution Management A Financial Institution Management B Financial Big Data Analysis
E-Commerce and Financial Marketing    

-Department of Financial and Economic Law
Trade Mark Law Fair Trade Act Legal Research and Writing Seminar
Seminar on Practice of Enterprise Legal Management and Commercial Law    

 Dual Degree Program
Accounting (1) Accounting (2) Business Administration and Sustainability
Economics (1) Economics (2)  

 EMI Course Introduction
111-2 審計學(二) 張惠君助理教授】
111-2 國際餐旅實務 張嵐蘭助理教授】
【111-2 衍伸性金融商品 張俊評助理教授】
【111-2 金融機構管理 簡智崇助理教授】
【111-2 國際財務管理 林思賢副教授】
111-2 電子商務與金融行銷 呂孟柔助理教授】
111-2 公平交易法 魏馬哲助理教授】
【111-2 公平交易法 魏馬哲助理教授】
【111-2 成本與管理會計學(二) 張惠君助理教授】
【111-1 企業研究方法 高立學教授】
【111-1 AI人工智慧管理 高立學教授 蔡存孝副教授】
【111-1 中級會計學 黃美華助理教授 】
【111-2 中級會計學 黃美華助理教授 】


♦2021~2022 EMI Online Module Courses
Accounting (1) Accounting (2) Exhibition Presentation Skills
Business Research Methods    

♦2022~2023 EMI Online Module Courses
Auditing (1) Cost and Management Accounting Trade Mark Law /Fair Trade Law
Intermediate Accounting Artificial Intelligence and Management Marketing Management