【EMI E-News】The EMI office of the College of Management at Asia University donated NFT photography works for philanthropic purposes.

  • 2023-07-31
  • 管理學院雙語教學辦公室


Asia University's College of management, through the Office of English-Medium Instruction (EMI), represented by the dean, Mr. Jun-Wei Lin, presented a series of NFT-style aerial photographs of Asia University to Guang Tian Temple. After the temple received the photographs, they were converted into a truckload of daily necessities and donated to the "Taipei City Love Home," operated by the Maria Welfare Foundation. This initiative allowed the faculty and students of the College of management to experience NFT virtual asset art and combined it with social welfare activities, aligning with the spirit of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Dean Lin stated that the EMI office is dedicated to promoting management and innovation through English-medium instruction. The "NFT Photography Philanthropy Project" was a collaborative effort involving multiple social welfare activities, including NFT art creation courses and photography competitions, which began in the previous semester.
The picture shows the EMI office of Asia University's College of Management presenting philanthropic NFT-style aerial photography works of Asia University.

Dean Lin explained that NFT (Non-fungible token) is a non-fungible token that, like the more well-known Bitcoin, is a virtual asset based on blockchain technology. The works donated to Guang Tian Temple were a collection of 500 photography works capturing the beautiful scenery of Asia University's campus, taken by students and faculty. Alumnus Mr. Xiu-Yu Song transformed these images into NFT-style photographs, using his award-winning aerial photograph of Asia University as the foundation. During the three-party donation ceremony, Dean Lin presented the NFT-style photography works to Guang Tian Temple. To expand the impact of the social welfare initiative, Guang Tian Temple converted Asia University's generous gesture into rice, noodles, canned fish, and other daily necessities, donating a truckload of supplies to the "Taipei City Love Home," providing real support to vulnerable and disabled friends. The "Taipei City Love Home," formerly known as the "Center for the Welfare Services of the Physically and Mentally Disabled," offers services in four major areas, including medical care, care, education, and employment.
The picture shows Asia University's College of Management Dean, Mr. Jun-Wei Lin (5th from the left), presenting the NFT-style photography works to Guang Tian Temple during the donation ceremony. Afterwards, he further donated a truckload of daily necessities to the "Taipei City Love Home" in order to expand the impact of social welfare initiatives.

Dean Lin emphasized that this NFT photography philanthropy project showcased the combination of English-medium instruction at the College of Management with social welfare activities, contributing to the achievement of 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. These goals include promoting the well-being of disabled individuals (SDGs 3), ensuring equal access to education and vocational training for vulnerable populations (SDGs 4), and fostering social partnerships based on fundraising strategies (SDGs 17). The EMI office of the College of Management will continue to promote new management knowledge and experiential learning while also contributing to social welfare, thus making a positive impact on sustainable development.