【EMI E-News】Asia University's College of Management offers the "International Dual Degree Program," providing access to an internationalized career pathway.

  • 2023-07-31
  • 管理學院雙語教學辦公室

Asia University encourages students to participate in overseas exchanges to broaden their international perspectives and career development. The College of Management promotes the "International Dual Degree Program," where freshmen take English-taught courses alongside international students, immersing themselves in an international atmosphere. The tuition for the program is the same as that for local students, without any additional burden. In their junior and senior years, students can choose a suitable partner university with which Asia University has cross-national cooperation, enhancing their international mobility.

Dean of the College of Management, Mr. Jun-Wei Lin, mentioned that a key feature of the International Dual Degree Program is that students start taking English-taught courses, including general education and major courses, from their first year, learning together with international students. This allows domestic students to familiarize themselves with and integrate into an international cultural and learning environment at an early stage. To strengthen students' spontaneous English-speaking abilities, the College introduced training in the "Toastmasters International" public speaking club, integrating it into the official curriculum. This systematic and progressive training in English speaking includes self-introductions, jokes, impromptu Q&A, designated speeches, individual evaluations, hosting skills, and overall evaluations, enhancing students' English communication and leadership skills through experiential learning.
The picture shows students from Asia University's International Dual Degree Program and international students coming together to experience writing spring couplets and explaining the meanings of the spring couplet phrases during the "Good Times in English" event.

Dean Lin also emphasized that the College of Management has established partnerships with high-quality universities worldwide, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, etc. For instance, the University of Victoria in Canada, ranked 370th in the QS World University Rankings, offers a paid internship program that effectively helps students apply what they learn in the classroom to work, assisting them in finding their future career path. Moreover, Northern Illinois University in the United States is renowned for its accounting program with a high pass rate for the U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Montpellier Business School in France is among the top 15 business schools in France and was also recognized by the Financial Times as one of the best business schools. Swiss Hotel Management School provides a 100% guaranteed full-time paid internship, allowing international dual degree students to not only experience academic studies in Switzerland but also gain practical workplace experience.
The picture shows students from Asia University's International Dual Degree Program and international students, coming together to make tangyuan and engage in casual conversations in English.

Dean Lin explained that a significant advantage of the International Dual Degree Program is that students can explore their career aspirations during their first and second years of study abroad. Then, in their third and fourth years, they can decide which country to go to for their dual degree program. Furthermore, to benefit Taiwanese students, Asia University has been committed to not increasing the tuition for international dual degree students during their time at the university. There are no additional charges despite the increase in faculty and course offerings, thus ensuring that students' living expenses remain unaffected.

Currently, the number of students in the College of Management's International Dual Degree Program has steadily increased. Several students have already completed their dual degrees successfully, such as Guan-Ling Li, who obtained a dual bachelor's degree from Northern Illinois University and now works at Ernst & Young LLP. Yun-Yen Wu and Yi-Hsuan Liu from the Leisure and Recreation Management program pursued their dual degree and internships at the Swiss Hotel Management School. And Jun-Han Chang, a student from the Accounting program, is currently pursuing a dual degree at Northern Illinois University.

The picture shows Mr. Jun-Wei Lin, the Dean of the College of Management at Asia University (front row, leftmost), taking a group photo with students from the International Dual Degree Program and international students during the "Good Times in English" event.

In addition, with the support of the Ministry of Education's English-Medium Instruction (EMI) project, the College of Management established the EMI Office to enhance cultural exchanges between international students and those in the dual degree program. They organized special events like "Good Times in English" where international students experience writing spring couplets, and students in the dual degree program introduce the origins and meanings of spring couplets in English. Students wore traditional clothes from different countries, made tangyuan together, and had casual conversations in English while symbolizing the completion of the round-shaped tangyuan, wishing each other a smooth and successful new year.