【EMI E-News】Asia University's College of Management launched five "Management M Cube Forums."

  • 2023-07-31
  • 管理學院雙語教學辦公室

The Office of English-Medium Instruction (EMI) at Asia University's College of Management organized five "Management M Cube Forums," providing an enjoyable platform for students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds to discuss management issues. The first forum, titled "From Local to Global: Taiwan's Bubble Tea Business Opportunities," saw participation from 5 international students and 12 Taiwanese students. They opened up discussions on the bubble tea industry, starting from the cups of bubble tea they held in their hands. As the number of seats for each forum is limited, interested students are encouraged to sign up early.Asia University's College of Management expressed that the university has a significant number of international students, and the purpose of the "Management M Cube Forums" is to offer a platform for management innovation and exchange of ideas, allowing students from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds to interact.
The picture shows students of different nationalities engaging in a lively discussion on the internationalization opportunities of bubble tea.

For this reason, the first event focused on Taiwan's renowned bubble tea, which is popular both domestically and internationally. Five international students from Eswatini, Saint Lucia, Vietnam, and Russia, who are all bubble tea enthusiasts, eagerly signed up upon hearing about the event. At the beginning of the lecture, some participating students were a bit shy, but as they sipped on their cups of bubble tea, the atmosphere of the discussion became lively. They shared their preferences for bubble tea and its unique flavors and delved into the entrepreneurial feasibility and business opportunities of promoting bubble tea globally, engaging in in-depth research on the related industry and supply chain.

Ha Kieu Anh from Vietnam pointed out that bubble tea is not cheap in Vietnam, and considering "maximizing economic benefits" and dietary preferences, people generally prefer ordering it with full sugar. Iuliia, a graduate student from Russia, shared that in Russia, there are businesses importing the most authentic bubble tea directly from Taiwan, with owners flying to Taiwan to learn how to cook pearls, brew tea, and prepare bubble tea. Taiwanese students, Chen Yu-En and Yu Tian-You, from the Department of Business Administration, said that although they were a bit hesitant at first when conversing with international students, they quickly became familiar with each other. They greatly valued the opportunity to discuss management topics together and practice English. Passing by foreign teachers, Princy and Keith, who noticed the forum taking place in the leisure seating area by the elevator on the 4th floor of the College of Management, found it interesting and joined the discussion as well.
The picture shows the "?Management M Cube Forum," providing a cozy and relaxed space with beverages, facilitating exchanges between international and local students.

The picture shows students from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds, sparked by bubble tea, having an animated conversation about pearls and innovation.